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The heart of our approach to project management is a robust set of systems

and processes that are used in all levels of the organization.  This company-

wide system enables the effective management and completion of projects around the world with a staff that understand organizational objectives and decision processes.


Projects are carefully planned and scoped prior to staff arriving on-site.  Reports are transmitted to project managers and the home office on a daily basis.  Individuals in the field are trained and trusted to make sound business decisions that drive the project to a time completion, while still being expected to seek guidance at appropriate times.


The AES 'game plan' evolves from job to job
and thereby our organizational and customer success ripens.


AES takes a structured and disciplined project management approach to each client’s project.  This includes:

  • Needs assessment

  • Project Design including acceptance test parameters

  • Project Design Reviews

  • Project Scheduling including key milestones

  • Personnel and Equipment Logistics Planning & Tracking

  • Project Budgeting

  • Project Reporting

  • Project Acceptance Testing

  • Project Documentation

  • Project Completion Sign Off

We view the project from several aspects:

  • Cost

  • Time

  • Quality

  • Coordination

  • Control

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