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AES International is a Small Business that has successfully performed Technical Security Installation and Maintenance Services for more than 40 years.  We conduct physical security site surveys, vulnerability analysis, system analysis, project management, logistics management, system testing, documentation, quality control oversight, and
user training.

Our multi-faceted team has extensive expertise working collaboratively as
A Reliable Partner with the Department of State, Overseas Building Operations, and Department of Defense at Outside of Continental United States for diplomatic facilities worldwide.  At Team AES, we have garnered a full understanding of the challenges and risks associated with installations.  We've tailored our processes and procedures to optimize efficiency and productivity.  We have developed strategies designed to mitigate cost overruns, lagging schedules, or performance and quality shortfalls.  With our collective experience on US Government and other contracts, common challenges often encountered have been overcome.  With control measures in place and proper resources allocated, we have the ability to operate at multiple sites simultaneously and our proven Task Order delivery model has consistently exceeded  expectations.

Our reputation for On Time and On Budget project delivery with US government agencies and prime contractors is second to none.
Our team of experts specialize in a high level of Technical and Skilled Workmanship.
We have a Global Reach.


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